Keys to Heaven’s Economy

An Angelic Visitation from the Minister of Finance

The Lord’s audible voice filled the room, introducing the angel standing before me: “Welcome the Minister of Finance for the kingdom.”

So begins Shawn Bolz’s visitations from heaven’s minister of finance, who reveals God’s divine strategy to reshape the earth, of which you are an essential part.

God is releasing finances and resources to those who are ready to receive it and give Jesus Christ his full reward and inheritance in our age. Just as God held nothing back from Solomon, who longed to build a temple for God on earth, God will spare no expense in building us, his temple, for the sake of his Son.

The Father is ready to transfer heaven’s resources to his kingdom on earth. Are you ready to open the door to the One who is the master of all financial keys—Jesus?

Learn how to position yourself to:

  • Receive your full inheritance,
  • Understand the economy and justice of heaven,
  • Receive the anointing of heaven, and
  • Walk in heaven’s favor.



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