Godly Relationships

A Key to Sexual Fulfilment

What single issue destroys the most marriages?

Is it money? The in-laws? Perhaps a lack of communication?

After more than 30 years as a marriage counsellor—ministering to literally thousands of people and a great many couples—I’m convinced that 80% of all marital problems are caused by … sex.

There are so many misconceptions about sex in marriage—so many lies. Many couples feel like sexual failures because they can’t live up to the world’s picture of sex.

But somebody needs to teach them that every couple has their own journey of sexual discovery. Every couple has to find a sexual rhythm that’s unique and right for them. They also need to understand how your relationship with God, yourself, your parents and other people can impact your marital sex life.

This is the goal of this book. This isn’t just another book of cheap marital advice or sex tips. It’s a guide to discover God’s outlook on sex. It gives practical advice, insights and strategies gleaned from my own and countless other marriages. It shows you from a Biblical perspective, how to have a fulfilling sex life in your marriage.

This is a must-buy guide for every married couple. It will also help engaged couples start their marriage on the right footing and so avoid needless heartbreak.


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