Financial Freedom & Stewardship

What’s the most destructive part of Christians’ lives today?

This might surprise you, but it’s their finances. As a counsellor, I’ve seen believers’ financial desperation. I’ve seen how a curse of poverty keeps them in bondage and strips them of a good testimony.

This was my story. I know the sleepless nights of not knowing if your money will stretch to the end of the month—or even pay all the bills!

But when I discovered the financial principles in the Bible, my whole life turned around. They released God’s provision to meet all my needs, every time, without fail.

In this book, I’m going to show you in a practical way how to:

  • Use the tithe to activate God’s covenant promises and divine protection over your finances.
  • Use firstfruits as Heaven’s “insurance policy.”
  • Meet every financial need through seed offerings.
  • Use alms to demonstrate God’s love to others and eliminate poverty in your community.
  • Use trading to invest in a revelation from God and make it fruitful in your life.
  • Become a good steward for God to release Kingdom finances into your hands.
  • Break every curse of poverty and replace it with God’s blessing.

This isn’t just a book of theoretical knowledge. I’ve applied these truths in my own life—and they work! I’ve also seen them bring many, many people out of financial bondage.

It’s not God’s will for His children to be poor. The Lord wants to bless you. He wants to empower you to fulfil your destiny. He wants to make your life a gateway of multiplication. He wants to use you to fund the End-time Harvest and establish His Kingdom on earth.

Decide today to get out of lack and financial hardship.
Decide today to make Heaven’s abundance a part of your life.


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