Eternal Church

A Prophetic Look at the Church—Her History, Restoration, and Destiny

There is a Church…not the one that man is building…but the one that Jesus Himself has been constructing in the hearts and lives of believers throughout the ages. It is a Church that transcends time and reveals a picture of His work that can be seen no other way.

Dr. Bill Hamon has taken a snapshot of this Church throughout the ages, describing the awesome work of the Lord in the generations, from His resurrection to the present. It is an inspiring, motivating, encouraging, and powerful look at what we truly are a part of…the Eternal Church.

Read this book. Find your place in history and in God’s plan for the ages.



Book Description

Hamon takes readers on a journey throughout the history of the church. Beginning at the origination of the church in the 1st Century, he proceeds to its deterioration during the Middle Ages to the restoration of the church from the time of the Reformation to the present.

About the Author

Dr. Bill Hamon is the founder and Bishop of the major ministries of Christian International, CINC, CIFC, and CIMTC, plus CI Headquarters in Indiana (CIFWC) and international headquarters in India, England, Japan, Australia, and Canada.

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