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Rick Joyner

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Rick Joyner has authored more than sixty books, including The Final Quest Trilogy, The Second American Revolution/Civil War, Awakening: A Personal Sojourn, and The Fire on the Mountain series. He is the Founder and Executive Director of MorningStar Ministries, a multi-faceted mission organization known around the world.

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Break the Curse, Live the Blessed Life

Cleansing your Bloodlines in the Courts of Heaven

Why do so many of God’s children live under a curse?

Many Christians are sick or in bondage, experience financial lack, or die at a young age. Where is God? Why doesn’t He prevent his children from suffering tragedy and hardship?

For the past twenty years in ministry, FRANSI VAN WYK struggled with exactly the same questions.

In this book, she will show you:

  • Where these curses come from
  • How to deal with the sins of your fathers
  • What the Courts of Heaven are and how they operate
  • How to break curses in the Courts of Heaven
  • Step-by-step guidelines to hold a bloodline prayer session safely and effectively
  • Model prayers to break the most common bloodline curses over your life

Multitudes have already experienced deliverance with these prayers: serious medical conditions were healed; divorces and bankruptcies were prevented; women were able to have children after repeated miscarriages; and others were delivered from serious addictions.

Choose today to break every curse and bondage over your life. Jesus paid the price for your freedom. You too can experience the riches of God’s blessing.

You too can share in His victory!



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